obligatory music post

because i haven’t posted about music in a while, here are some of the bands i’m really into right now:

she & him– i think i’m in love with zooey deschanel. what i mean is, i love you jen, but i also love zooey deschanel.

sigur ros– takk was my favorite album of 2005 and now með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust (with a buzz in our ears we play endlessly) is probably my favorite album of this year so far.  these guys just know what i want to hear in my music. namely, swells and great melody.

the helio sequence– and broken afternoon is probably my favorite song right now. i can’t get enough of this band.

cherry ghostthirst for romance is a great album.  pure and simple.

thomas newman– this awesome summer movie season (as well as xfm’s cinemagic station) has revitalized my love of scores, and wall-e is the one playing on repeat right now. newman’s strength is emphasizing emotion, and wall-e is great at this. (also good- but more fun- is kung fu panda by hans zimmer and john powell!)

the verve– has everyone heard the new single yet??  august 19th cannot get here quick enough!

and yes, i saw hellboy.  loved it.  more on that later.

  1. Jen Maihack’s avatar

    sooo, if i play a guitar and sing all cutesy like, will that put at the top of the list??

    i love you too, and I love Zooey as well :)


  2. Liana Engie’s avatar

    Hahaha, I’m actually listening to Sigur Ros right now. I do like that album a lot.


  3. scott’s avatar

    Don’t worry Jen, Mike can’t have Zooey, she’s mine. Please don’t tell my wife.


  4. mike’s avatar

    jen- can someone say menage au tres?

    liana- track seven. soooooooo good.

    scott- can someone say blackmail?


  5. Keath’s avatar

    Ha ha – I told Jen tonight that Brooke Waggoner was the perfect mix of Mike-Music and Keath-Music – mellow enough to relax you but enough going on that it won’t put me to sleep :) By the way, you can download her EP free off her website.

    I’ve been listening to Frank Black’s 93>03 – quite good!


  6. mike’s avatar

    downloading it right now! :D


  7. megan’s avatar

    Zooey is just so lovely, she is my favorite style icon! I love her voice, but felt a bit underwhelmed by she + him… :( Of course you know how I feel about Sigur Rós, I’m so sad they’re once again coming nowhere near upstate. Urghh!


  8. Unknown’s avatar

    Mumford and Sons = The Future of Folk Music


    AA Bondy = The Next Bob Dylan!!!!



  9. mike’s avatar

    dude- rock! or uh… folk!



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