Cleo Book 2 PRE-ORDER!

I am now taking pre-orders for Cleopatra in Space #2! The 72 pg full-color soft-bound book will be priced at only $10 and all pre-orders will receive free shipping (starting in August, due to increased shipping costs, all shipping for books in my store will be $2).

Pre-orders help cover my costs for book 2 which, due to it’s page count and color printing, was an expensive book to produce. But it’s going to look good. Real good. Especially considering you’re going to get new and never-before-seen art by me, a behind-the-scenes process, and all-new guest art by Tony Cliff, Otis Frampton, Mitch Gerads, Chris Houghton, Tracy Lee, Sarah Mensinga, Jon Morris and Jez Tuya!

I’m also, for the first time, offering an Artist Edition which will include an original pencil sketch by me (something more substantial then my usual book doodles). The Artist Edition will be priced at $15. Both the regular editions and Artist Editions will be signed.

So what are you waiting for? Pre-order Cleopatra in Space #2 right now!


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