Not sure what this is. Started out as a simple warm-up doodle, then I decided to throw some color on it. ┬áBut mostly the purple color. Maybe I’ll do all the colors someday (but probably not).


  1. Keath’s avatar

    This is like Game Of Thrones vs. Metroid.

    How awesome of a video game would that be? #NowAcceptingRoyaltyChecks


    1. mike’s avatar

      haha. i guess it would be like Zelda. :)



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    Oliver's birthday is tomorrow. Maybe that can be his gift. "Congrats son, you're four. You work for dad now." in reply to mikemaihack 12 hrs ago

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    Another small town wknd getaway in the bag. Guess I'm ready to go back to the hectic 7-day work week of a cartoonist now. 17 hrs ago

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