Bye, 2011

Got this idea from Dean Trippe and Doc Shaner. A small retrospective of some of my favorite things I drew in 2011. Lots of Batgirl and Supergirl in there!

Ready for 2012 now. :)

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    Moar Cabbie!!1!



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Twitter Updates

    For those wondering, Liked Age of Ultron, not as much as the 1st (or even last two Marvel films), Hawkeye was MVP, and want to see it again. 1 hr ago

    .@MattNat2000 Yeah I figured, but it made him far less threatening to me. More confused than evil. Tho maybe that was the point. in reply to MattNat2000 1 hr ago

    Also Loki > Ultron. Didn't completely understand Ultron's motives, why he cracked jokes, etc. Definitely need to see it again. in reply to mikemaihack 1 hr ago

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