80’s X-Girls

First off, I apologize for posting a commission when I’ve said I’m not taking commissions. But this guy’s had been hounding me since early spring and he finally caught me on a good day. Plus, really- how could I say no to this? Storm, Rogue, Psylocke, and Dazzler sporting their fabulous 80?s fashions? Yeah, twist my arm. ;)

Apparently this is also for a tattoo.


  1. Keath’s avatar

    Aw man, that’s so awesome. I’m partial to these looks as well – that’s definitely my favorite Storm look and probably my favorite Rogue.


    1. Charlie Gurrupurru’s avatar

      Gosh, gotta love them ^_^ Beautiful work!


      1. mike’s avatar

        Thanks, Charlie!


      2. Wil’s avatar

        That is just outstanding, Mike. Superb!


        1. OJ’s avatar

          Psylocke has obviously gone through the biggest change over the years, which makes her donning her early costume extra sweet.


          1. Chris’s avatar

            I’m so glad you took this commission because this piece is awesome. Brings me back to high school.


          2. Michael’s avatar

            This is an awesome piece. Any plans to make prints of it available, or was this just a one-shot?


            1. Mike’s avatar

              It was actually a commission, so I won’t make prints of it unfortunately. It might be available in an art book one day (if I ever find the time to make one).


              1. Michael’s avatar

                Well, it’s our loss – love the 80s x-men thing. Hopefully, you’ll start taking commissions again soon, so I can get my own!



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