Superhero and Adventure Time Sale Weekend!

If you’ve been upset you haven’t been able to order any of my superhero or Adventure Time prints since I stopped selling them online (because of reasons), now’s your ONE chance to order some. Starting Friday November 23rd, I am putting all of those prints back in my online store for ONE WEEKEND ONLY! After this weekend, your only chance to buy these prints will be at the various comic conventions I’m tabling at—which currently is only about two or three a year.

Also, if you enter the code THANKS2012 during checkout, you get 10% off your entire order–including all books! So it’s a good weekend to order stuff regardless if you’re interested in specific prints or not. Happy shopping, and thanks for all of your love and support this past year!

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    X-Men got me into Marvel Comics. Infinity Gauntlet is what made me a zombie. 2 days ago

    Gotten a lot of great news the past few days, but none of it has made me squee like seeing that photo of Thanos w/ all 6 Infinity Stones. 2 days ago

    I may or may not have went out and bought the new @taylorswift13 album in compact disc form like I would have done in 1989. 2 days ago

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