Bye, 2012

Similar to last year, a few of the things I drew in 2012. In addition to all the fan art and doodles, I also drew a 170 page graphic novel! (Although I still have to color it)

It was also my first full year of being a dad and the year I jumped full time into freelance and comic making. 2013 is looking to be my busiest and most creatively fulfilling year yet and I can’t wait to share it with you all.


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Twitter Updates

    Drawing in MS is waaaay smoother, but I miss a lot of the functionality Ps has that MS doesn't. Work production has actually slowed. in reply to mikemaihack 10 hrs ago

    Up side to drawing in Ps becoming infuriating since upgrading to Yosemite is I've been forced to buckle down & really learn Manga Studio. 10 hrs ago

    Unwinding from another fun Disney day as I prepare to layout the last remaining pages of Cleo #3 1 day ago

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