Catvengers Assemble– on a T-Shirt!

From now until 12AM EST today, my Catvengers illustration is on a T-shirt! It’s one of today’s limited edition shirts on Available in men’s, women’s, AND kid’s sizes! Oliver is totally getting one of these. :D

Also, remember that my July print sale is still going on. 25% off everything in my store (with code JULY2013) with Adventure Time and superhero prints available for a limited time. Sale ends Monday night. Happy July!

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    For those wondering, Liked Age of Ultron, not as much as the 1st (or even last two Marvel films), Hawkeye was MVP, and want to see it again. 14 hrs ago

    .@MattNat2000 Yeah I figured, but it made him far less threatening to me. More confused than evil. Tho maybe that was the point. in reply to MattNat2000 14 hrs ago

    Also Loki > Ultron. Didn't completely understand Ultron's motives, why he cracked jokes, etc. Definitely need to see it again. in reply to mikemaihack 14 hrs ago

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