Kara Kent


I did a couple base cards for Cryptozoic’s recent Superman: The Legend set. Here’s one for Kara Kent!


Still making my way through character commissions. This is one for a client’s old City of Heroes character, Twilight Torch.

For those wondering, I still have 7 left in the pipes. I hope to finish all of those by mid-Jun, after which my sole focus will be the 2nd CiS book. If I feel progress on that is going smoothly, I’ll open commissions again a few months after that. For those still waiting, I REALLY appreciate your patience. I had gotten more commissions than I had anticipated so it’s taking me a bit longer get through them.

Character commission for Black Rock Shooter. For those who have no idea who that is, enjoy this drawing of a scantily clad, pigmentless, glowing eyed girl with an enormous cannon.


Character commission for Teen Titan’s Raven. Kind of a purple theme going on in these commissions lately.

Jaina Solo

Character commission for Jaina Solo. WOO EPISODE VII!


Getting back into the swing of drawing weekly character commissions. Here’s one for Domino (from X-Force, X-Men, etc.)

I’m excited to announce my first ever convention sketchbook, Operation Space Cat (vol 1)! 48 pages of some of my favorite b&w scribbles, sketches, and illustrations over the past few years.

I only printed an extremely low run of 200 of these. First place to grab one will be MegaCon this weekend, but I plan on offering a limited amount of them online when I get back. The books will be priced at $10 and come signed & numbered.

Speaking of MegaCon, I will be at my usual table (Artist Alley, White 7) with all my usual goodies (prints, Cleopatra in Space, an ultra-cute one-year-old [not for sale], etc). Here’s a zoomed-in map of where that table is exactly (click to embiggen).


Always have a blast at this show. And LOVE that’s it’s local (no traveling!). Hope to see some of you there!

Red Riding Hood

Character commission for Red Riding Hood.

Commission request for 80’s Rogue, Storm, White Queen, and Jean Grey as Black Queen. I’ll admit, those last two were a bit outside of my comfort zone, but sometime that’s the fun part about commissions. Wouldn’t expect a lot more of that though.


Chihiro and Haku

Character commission for Chihiro and Haku, from the excellent Spirited Away.

Character commission for Batgirl and Harley Quinn.



Character commission for GLaDOS, from that Portal game the kids are always talking about.

Kinetic Charge

Character commission for the X-Men’s most romantic mutant couple, Rogue and Gambit. Remy always seems to be the one hitting on the girls, so I thought’d be fun to turn the tables around a bit.


Switching things up a little, here’s a character commission for a Batgirl and Kitty Pryde (plus Lockheed) team-up. Doesn’t seem like Kitty is any better than Supergirl at messing around with poor Batgirl’s world.

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Yet another character commission for Batgirl & Supergirl.

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Lana Lang

Character commission for Lana Lang. Specifically, the Smallville series Lana Lang.

Another character commission for Batgirl & Supergirl.

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Character commission of a girl wearing a kimono.

Perhapanauts Cover


I was very honored to draw a cover for Todd Dezago and Craig Rousseau’s excellent Perhapanauts book. The issue (Perhapanauts: Danger Down Under #4) will be on stands Feb 6th. Had a lot of fun with this one.

Character commission for Batgirl & Supergirl (the first of many).

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