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Seems like a good day to list my favorite films from last year. Of the ones I saw at least. Which is becoming less and less the further I make my way into fatherhood.

Really though, only films I’m kinda bummed I missed were (in order) Argo, Silver Linings Playbook, Lincoln, and Perks of Being a Wallflower (which admittedly are all films that’ll be just as good (or bad) in my living room anyhow). But at least I’m finally seeing Django Unchained this weekend! So anyhow, again, here are my faves of the ones I saw.

Click here for the list.

Some Hunger Games fan art. Movie opens tomorrow!! :D

Wasn’t going to do a favorite films list this year since there are quite a few I haven’t gotten around to seeing yet, but I decided what the heck. I really like looking back on these lists. So of the ones I saw, these were my 10 favorites from last year:

  1. Hanna
  2. Super 8
  3. Harry Potter 7 (parts 1 & 2)
  4. The Muppets
  5. X-Men First Class
  6. Moneyball
  7. Thor
  8. Captain America
  9. Kung Fu Panda 2
  10. Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Girl With A Dragon Tattoo would be my #11 I guess. Still sitting on that one. Also, The new Mission Impossible was a ton of fun.

Regret not catching: Drive, Warrior, Arthur Christmas, The Descendants, and The Artist. I’ll see them soon I’m sure.

Most looking forward to in 2012: Prometheus, Dark Knight Rises, The Hobbit, The Avengers, Brave, Hunger Games and Skyfall (the new Bond). The new Spider-Man as well, but mainly because it’s a new Marc Webb film and (500) Days of Summer has become one of my favorite films of all time. So I’d be excited about whatever it was he was doing next.


My ten favorite films of last year, for those of you that care about such stuff:

  1. The Social Network
  2. Inception
  3. How to Train Your Dragon
  4. The Fighter
  5. Toy Story 3
  6. The Town
  7. Tron: Legacy
  8. Scott Pilgrim vs the World
  9. True Grit
  10. Black Swan

I write a bit more under this link.


Here are my favorite movies of 2009 (at least the ones I saw). Maybe not the best, but the ones I found the most entertaining, interesting or just hit me on some silly emotional or nostalgic level. Also, presented without commentary because I should be drawing and not making movie lists.

Click here for the full list

was able to get an angel done early for next week’s drawergeeks topic. this never happens!


was also able to catch two more summer movies this weekend that were both fantastic in each of their polar opposite ways: up, which is another pixar film in case you didn’t know, and drag me to hell, which is the best sam raimi horror movie since sam raimi directed a horror movie.

my current summer movie rankings thus far:

  1. star trek
  2. up
  3. drag me to hell
  4. terminator salvation
  5. wolverine

and with that, i’m off to the gideon media arts conference, which i already blogged about HERE. wish me luck!

i was lucky enough to catch an advanced screening of star trek a couple of days ago, and couldn’t resist drawing uhura for today’s space girl topic on drawergeeks today.


i always thought it was funny how no matter what planet the original enterprise crew would beam down to, it was always a desolate rocky terrain. like there are no other planets in the galaxy that look like anything else but new mexico.

anyhoo- star trek was super fun! my spoiler free review under the cut:

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they only want to be your friend.


for today’s ninja topic on drawergeeks. :)

where have i been?

hey- tron is awesome

no seriously. it was also the topic for drawergeeks last week. i drew yori:


i’m totally excited for tr2n! looks like it’ll be in safe hands too.

also, some of you may already know this, but this friday i’ll be traveling to europe for a couple of weeks. because i probably won’t be spending any time at all on a computer while i’m there, this’ll likely be my last blog post for a while. hopefully i’ll have some drawings to post when i get back though!

actually, they all are.






you can click on that first one for extra screen-sized fun. and in no way do i condone this habit. it was partially inspired by the genius of chris schweizer but mostly inspired by my pal matt putting the image of abe smoking a bubble pipe in my head. :)

also- a reminder i’ll be at sdcc this weekend.  you can find me at various times fri-sun signing tori books over at the image booth (#2729).  mainly i’ll just be walking around though.

also- i realized i forgot to post my current summer movie rankings in my last post. so if you care, you can view those behind the cut.

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after celebrating my niece’s second birthday, jen and i met up with some friends to go watch this.  over 100,000 people crowded in downtown tampa to watch homemade glider machines fall nose first into the bay, “the largest turnout for the event in the united states.” us tampaians love free events i guess!  the crowd and the heat was a bit uncomfortable, but it was fun to take a break from our busy lives and do something other than see a movie for a change.

haha. yeah right. the dark knight opened this weekend.


after watching flugtag we went over to the imax theater to watch what made me jump out of bed like it was christmas that same morning. and it didn’t disappoint. my spoiler free review behind the cut.

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strawberry shortcake was this week’s drawergeeks theme.  i did a couple:



i saved some of my steps for that first one. so if anyone’s interested in seeing those, let me know and i’ll see if i can’t find some time this weekend to post them.  and that’s all i really have to say about that.  time for more important matters:


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can’t wait to draw this thing flying…


i might put a pause on these cleo posts for a little while until i can catch up on some pages. hopefully it won’t be too long of a break- there are some fun scenes coming up!

also- saw the incredible hulk last weekend and thought it was great. a really fun action flick with some essential comic geek out moments.  it’s not perfect but who cares.  HULK SMASH!  plus, i love this whole marvel universe that’s being built on the screen right now.  talk about early avengers movie hype!

my summer movie ranking thus far:

  1. speed racer
  2. iron man
  3. kung fu panda
  4. incredible hulk
  5. narnia: prince caspian
  6. indiana jones: kotcs

one day i’m going to collect a book of superheroes/villains playing ridiculous tacky instruments with giant pink hearts behind them.


drawergeeks topic this week was the joker, and i thought i’d draw somewhat of a companion piece to my batman/catwoman that i drew way back in 2006.  by 2016 i hope to have an entire bat-band!

has everyone seen kung fu panda yet?  what an awesome movie. it’s right behind surfs up as my favorite non-pixar cgi animated film, and definitely one of the best blends of action and comedy i’ve seen in a while. anytime po came on screen and did anything i was cracking up.  everything from the character designs to the animation to the backgrounds to the music was all top notch in this film.  this is really shaping up to be one of the best movie summers ever!

for those keeping track at home, here’s my current order list of summer movies i’ve seen so far, from awesome to not-so-awesome:

  1. speed racer
  2. iron man
  3. kung fu panda
  4. narnia: prince caspian
  5. indiana jones: kotcs

sorry- i skipped sex and the city that week.  saw speed racer again instead. :)  looking forward to wall-e now!

i’m afraid i’m not as caught up on these as i would like- and i have a lot of other work i need to focus on in the coming months. hopefully i’ll be able to catch up, but realistically i should warn any cleo fans out there that i’m not sure how much longer this weeklyish schedule is going to last.


still- yesterday i went to go see speed racer again (i know- i should be drawing cleo instead…), this time on imax, and loved it just as much the second time as i did the first. maybe even more. i can honestly see this movie becoming one of my all time faves, which is crazy since i almost didn’t even go see it at all. folks- don’t miss it on the big screen while you have the chance! especially the big, big screen. man, imax is cool.

here’s a cleo page for my birthday (29 today- old)!


i saw two movies this past weekend (actually three, but two in the theater)- indiana jones 4 and speed racer. and you know what? speed racer blew indy out of the water in terms of awesomeness. why is this movie not doing better?? i had so much fun and felt like i was watching something really special. the script was great, the characters were super developed, and the car racing was the coolest car racing i’ve ever seen. i don’t think i wanted to go home and play mario kart so badly in my life. there was just so much to love about this movie, all the way from the visuals to the message it was trying to tell.


unfortunately, in contrast, indy fell victim to a really bad script and a super, under-developed story line- and honestly- should never have been made. it was like an indiana jones movie for the sake of an indiana jones movie and just didn’t work on so many levels. i don’t want to go into the details, because they’re fairly obvious and most of you have either seen the movie already or will be seeing it soon. but i think this was a rushed project that was fun only in the sense of nostalgia for how much we all enjoyed its predecessors. i didn’t think it was all bad, but i went in with very low expectations and this movie met those.


the funny thing about the two films is that there are so many “wha–?” moments in both of them. but with speed racer those “wha–?” moments are instantly followed by a “haha! awesome!” while with indy they just leave you with your mouth hanging open wondering how someone thought that was good idea.

so- i know speed racer isn’t for everyone, (believe me- from the trailers, i thought it looked just as horrible as the rest of the world seems to think) but if you go in with an open mind- i think you’ll find something you haven’t really seen before. something fun and unique. something for kids and adults. something for artists and people just wanting to see some great action. something meant to be seen on the big screen. something raiders of the lost ark accomplished 27 years ago.

so, with june fast approaching and more movies on the way, here’s my ranking for favorite summer movies so far:

  1. iron man
  2. speed racer
  3. narnia: prince caspian
  4. indiana jones: kotcs

…i sat at home depressed i was sitting at home. :(

well, not entirely. i did stay pretty busy. first off, me and all of the lunchbox funnies guys were asked to provide some guest strips for scott kurtz of pvp fame. and because we at lunchbox all think scott is a super great guy, most of us said yes (that and the promise of increased traffic to our sites is always a good bribe). click here to read mine!


also- i worked on the parable site a bit. the book is completely done, so i thought a little revamp of the site would be nice while we scout for publishers. especially since i won’t have much to update on it till we actually have one.


also- i added my current seed blog comic panels to comicspace in an effort to get more use out of a great community that i rarely ever visit (but should!). once i get around to drawing more of those, i’ll update them on there as well as here.

also- i started playing zelda: twilight princess on wii finally! and it was so worth the wait.

also- i saw the simpsons on friday and thought it was hillarious. and before going to the theater i simpsonized myself!


jen and i are seeing travis tonight in orlando. before the concert we’re going to try to visit one of those 7-elevens they turned into kwik-e-marts. :)

tomorrow very early in the morning i’m going to go and get some wisdom teeth removed and a few cavities filled. one of the wisdom teeth is impacted which should be a whole lot of fun. i can’t wait. i’ll likely be in pain for a couple days afterwards which i’m also really looking forward too. it’s the start to a great week! anyhoo, i don’t talk about comics, movies and music enough…

music– i’m really in to sufjan stevens right now. i can’t get his song chicago out of my head. i’ve got to thank my friend jeff denton for introducing me to him.

movies– saw snakes on a plane this weekend and it was every bit as bad as i hoped it would be. i was hysterical. now i’m ready for the fall crop of films, which are usually a big breath of fresh air after the ridiculous and over-the-top summer ones.

comics– my new favorite web comic is zip and li’l bit by trade loeffler. the story is just getting started but i already love it. the art is amazing (love his linework) and there are plenty of sheep. lots of sheep is always a good reason to read a comic.

on the paper side of things, i’m really into the x-men books again after suffering through many, many bad issues (except astonishing of course). mike carey and chris bachalo are a big part of my recovering interest but ed brubaker and billy tan are doing an awesome job as well. and, it’s not really x-men related, but everybody who’s into superhero comics should check out nextwave by warren ellis and stuart immonen. it’s absurdedly awesome.

speaking of x-men, i created a new x-character! she’s got magical mutant pixie powers and there’s even an ‘x’ in her name! i call her piXie! (i’m so lame..)

pixie01.jpg pixie02.jpg

i was dragged- okay dragged isn’t the right word- i reluctantly agreed to to see the devil wears prada with jen last night. and you know what, it wasn’t half bad. i mean it was most certainly a “chick flick” as there were so many instances in the film that various women in the audience would laugh or gasp at while i was left wondering “well, why didn’t she just do this or that”. but of course, being male, there’s no way i can possibly understand this type of thinking. and jen just shruggs at these things, and sees the ridiculousness of situations often times better then i do. that’s why she’s good to go see these types of movies with because we both laugh or get bored at (mostly) the same parts despite our different gendered minds.

at one point, something in the movie got me thinking about star wars, since being a “chick flick” my male mind needed to take a deep breath every now and then. i thought, if this movie had gone a different direction, it was exactly the type of relationship that would have worked between anakin and palpatine instead of the awful mess that it was. this is just good praise on how prada staged andy (anne hathaway)’s gradual character change. you can still trace it back to one moment- but with anakin, it was like, BAM!, i’m evil now. an audience is just not going to buy that.

speaking of chicks, friday’s drawer geeks went up, uh.. friday. this was one of the best weeks ever so check it out. it was for some obscure radio show superhero called “chickenman”, so there was no real visual refference for the character. the result is a lot of fun stuff from the artists’ imagination. i ended up doing a couple. being chickenman, i thought it was important to take the character as serious as he ought to be so i came up with this take…

…and then i drew this one specifically for my good friend matt, who’s past facination with chickens will forever make me think of him as the one true chickenman.


saw pirates yesterday and well.. i was right. it wasn’t better then the first one. but i still loved it! all the elements of the first film were still there- the action, the humor, the deceit, the swashbuckling (i love swashbuckling) and some pretty special effects. and i thought bill nighy’s davy jones was a wonderfully disgusting villain. i don’t feel like i can make too much of a conclusion of it other then that though, seeing how it was just the first of two parts (and i don’t want to ruin anything for anyone that hasn’t seen it). but man.. i can’t wait for next may!

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