goodbye, and thanks for the cakes
Sunday — October 11th, 2009

goodbye, and thanks for the cakes

this seems like as good a place as any to take a break.


Cleopatra in Spaaace!

Today my new webcomic, Cleopatra in Spaaace, launched at the aptly named And I hope a lot my c&b readers will go and check it out and help support it and comment and tell all their friends how much they love everything I do. Of course, if you don’t do any of this, that’s fine. We just can’t be friends anymore. ;)

In all seriousness though, I’m really excited about this new comic. It’s something I’ve been working on for a while now and I plan to stick with it for the long haul. It’s going to contain a lot of the same humor you’ve all come to expect from c&b and you’ll even find that the two comics are connected in ways you might not expect.

ALSO, I’m not done with c&b! There’s a reason I put that “to be continued” at the end of the last strip. In the words of our future President Schwarzenegger, “I will be back.” For now though, you’ll find me hanging out over in Cleo’s world. I hope to see you there!

c&b one of CNI’s best webcomics of 2009

on their most recent “best of” episode, Comic News Insider listed cow & buffalo as one of their favorite webcomics of 2009 as well as naming me as their “artist to watch” for 2010. so exciting! thanks jimmy and joe. you guys are awesome.

you can listen to the full episode HERE.

fan art: bruna brito!

awesome artist and longtime, super cool c&b fan, bruna brito, just made my day with this amazing fan art she surprised me with today:


seriously, how awesome is this? those colors are gorgeous.

in case none of you have realized it yet, cow and buffalo are indeed on indefinite hiatus while i focus on some other comics. they’ll be back—not for a while i’m afraid—but one day i promise. in the meantime, just be glad bruna could finally give all of you what i never could: cow and buffalo in spaaaaaaaaace!

make sure to check out more of her awesome artwork HERE!

i am now on twitter

so i finally conformed to the interwebs and set up a twitter account! i’ll be using it to give updates on c&b as well as my other arts and comics, maybe informing everyone of other awesome stuff they should know about, and possibly providing some store discount codes from time to time. so if you want, you can follow me here:

go listen to ep 205 of comic news insider

because i am on it. :)


i mentioned my awesome table neighbors, jimmy aquino and joe gonzalez, in my con report yesterday. they did a little interview with me on day three which you can listen to HERE. jen snapped the above picture while we “chatted.”


  • About 4:30 in j&j talk about first meeting us and prove how nice they are at the same time.
  • Around 35:00 is my interview (i always have a hard time listening to me during these but this one came out pretty good).
  • and toward the end, at about 1:35:30, they give their thoughts on c&b’s two books as well as my wacky food preferences.
  • right afterwards they talk about how my friend joey’s mini was one of their faves from the con too. this is also cool!

listening to the whole show brought me back to how great a time we all had. jimmy and joe- you guys are WAAAY too nice!

heroes 2009 report


so after only my first time attending, i’ve already decided that heroes con is my favorite comic show. make sure you check out jen’s awesome flickr set HERE and read my brief summary of the awesome weekend under the cut.

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back to the NC!

heroes 2009

this weekend is the annual heroes convention in charlotte, nc. cow, buffalo, jen and i will all be there at indy island at table 520. i’ve never been to this show before, but from what i’ve heard it is THE place to be (if you think comics are cool and it happens to be between the dates of june 19-21, 2009). and from looking at the list of creators that are going to be there, i’m really excited. it’s shows like this i almost don’t want to be sitting behind a table and to be walking around instead. hopefully i’ll still get a chance to do some of that.

birthday fan art from stephen mccranie!

as some of you may or may not have known, yesterday was my birthday. my thirtieth birthday to be exact, and i found this waiting in my inbox from my good friend stephen mccraine when i checked my email last night:

how awesome is that! probably one of the nicest looking utility udders i’ve ever seen. and definitely one of the nicest birthday presents i’ve ever received. thanks, stephen!

fx fotos


jen posted a few pictures from the FX show last weekend on to her flickr account. probably more exciting than that though is that she also uploaded some cat pics into the gallery too. click HERE to see them.

fx international

fxi’ll be at fx international this weekend in orlando, fl. this’ll be my first time attending the show so i’m not really sure what to expect, but from the looks of it, its going to be one really awesome con.

you’ll be able to find me at booth #24 in creator’s alley surrounded by books, prints, stickers, buttons and all sorts of goodies. if you’re planning on being there, make sure to come by and say hi!