life more ordinary
November 25th, 2007

life more ordinary

journey cowdid everyone have a good thanksgiving? good! i hope all you vegans and vegetarians out there had a good day as well. i’m sitting here at the mid-ohio-con in cold ol’ columbus, ohio today. if you’re in the area, stop by and say hi!

sigh. things just aren’t the same without cow around, are they? ho hum…

wait— what’s that over there on the sidebar? it looks like cow’s started popping up in a few places! what has that transporter gotten him into? or better yet- where has that transporter gotten him into?

i’ll try to keep that tracker over there updated as much as i can but you all may have to help me out. if you’ve seen cow in some other webcomics out there, make sure to let me know! we gotta do everything we can to try to get him back!


  1. madcow

    I saw him he appeared on the interweb while i was viewing Google. Who knew the teleporter could teleport there! Luckly I took a Screenshot:

    Maby cow could find a rift in time and sandwiches.

  2. Mark

    Great stuff. very funny and beautiful drawings.

  3. Pyromaniac Zack

    did he go to oct. 18th 2004?

  4. mike

    madcow- haha!! awesome! i’ll add that to the tracker. good eyes!

    mark- aw, thanks! i can say the same about yours as well.

    zack- ha! no.. the teleporter doesn’t time jump. but still– funny you should mention that…

  5. Lynnskay

    There’s Cow in the cow pasture with Silent Kimbly.
    Hope she doesn’t try to milk him!

  6. gordie

    cow is at silent kimbly!

  7. gordie

    now he’s at jingle paper!he also then pressed the button again!

  8. gordie

    he in the comic called “monday”

  9. gordie

    the coomic called “monday” was made on 2004 !it your comic

  10. mike

    lynnskay- haha! your’re right! i better warn ryan…

    gordie- yeah! he’s popping up everywhere!

  11. Pyromaniac Zack

    Cow popped up in one of my drawings, as well as in one of my comics. I know it’s late, but cow is dang hard to draw, and i just thought to do this. Unfortunately, i don’t have comics on the web, just on good old-fashioned paper. My characters modified his teleporter-thingy and sent him on his way. The modification made him travel to other comics, even re-visiting some, but eventually sent him to Bronto. oh, and this works because my characters went back in time, and ran into cow, so the timing works out.

  12. Pyromaniac Zack

    if you go to wally and osborne, my posts are under “Pyromaniac Zack” or “Zackster the king of Frostbite (the game)”. oh, and Frostbite is a fun game found on

    Mike, please post a new comic, because Tyler Martin is too busy to make a new wally and osborne comic, and i am in need of a good laugh.