journey’s end
December 16th, 2007

journey’s end

journey cowYAY! cow’s FINALLY back were he belongs. right alongside his two sidekicks ready to fight the forces of evil and stale bread. i hope you enjoyed this super quindruple-sized ending to the longest cow & buffalo story-arc ever. in case you didn’t realize, this whole arc began waaaaay back in september of last year. now that it’s over, it might be fun to go to the kitchen, pull out some meat, bread and condiments, make yourself a sandwich, and come back here and read this whole arc from start to finish (while eating your sandwich). it starts right here.

journey cow was a huge success! i can’t thank all of the webcomicers and artists out there enough for putting up with cow as he invaded your strips. all of you are incredibly awesome! and one more reason why i just love the webcomics world. best of all, i received a ton of words from readers that really enjoyed seeing cow pop up all over the web. and that’s really what’s important.

i’ll keep the tracker and all the links to the strips cow showed up in up until the end of the year or so. you might still see some residual cow teleporting as well so it wouldn’t hurt to still keep an eye (or two) out (i can’t explain how these teleporter things work).

i’ll be back next week for our annual christmas greeting and then a quick two week break before a whole brand new era for cow & buffalo begins!


  1. PurpleKoopa

    Hi, long time reader, first time writer. I love reading the adventures of cow & buffalo. This long arc is over, so now I guess everyone can settle down… but not for long! :D

  2. Andrew

    Wheeew. I feel tired. I am glad everyone is finally back where they belong and evil was thwarted, at least for a time. Great arc Mike!

  3. Karpolo

    I write comics myself! And as a comics writer I know what it feels like to end a seiries or adventure. Like the day Blue and Green got back to the North Pole, thier home. Read about it at

  4. alex

    the story arch ends…

  5. Tre

    I have a cow on my website that I think is yours…
    Please click my name to see if he is.