matt yokom guest strip!
January 6th, 2008

matt yokom guest strip!

i’m still catching up on a lot of things from the holidays (or rather because of the holidays), so please enjoy this fantastic guest strip by my good friend and artist matt yokom. in a weird way, i actually find it to be the perfect end cap to the whole superhero nonsense that just finished. even though it’s, like, before all that.

there were a few new cow sightings while i was away, so in case you missed them the journey cow page is still up. in fact, i think i’m going to keep it up for as long as those comics stay around. all those strips were so much fun and the creators involved were such good sports that i want to make sure there are permanent links to their efforts. and hey, who knows? if cow ever pops up in some places again, i’ll have a place to point them out.

i’ll be back next week with all new ridiculous, weekly adventures. promise!


  1. JamesG

    THE CAKE IS A LIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR MIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. madcow

    lol, true and funny.

    mike you could have journey cow meet cow in the next issue.

  3. PurpleKoopa

    Looks like Cow’s still the same as ever. :)

  4. CelebrenIthil

    Baby Cow and Buffalo are too cute for words!
    AWWW! n_n””

  5. Andrew

    Excellent work Matt. You truly caught the essense of C & B.

  6. Karpolo

    hahaha that’s funny