January 20th, 2008


thanks to everyone that took the time to vote in the poll last week. now whoever was the most popular character gets’ killed off next week! and it’s all because of you guys. :)

also- i wanted to let all of you know that Adventures in Sandwich Making (along with Seed 1 & 2) is now on– the first successful e-book downloading site. this is great news to you because everything you download on wowio is free! and still, somehow, i make some change every time my books are downloaded. so if you like this comic, and want to make sure i can continue drawing it every week, go and download my books! or just visit my store and buy the real thing. ;)


  1. madcow

    bronto should eat cabbies tree house

  2. justinoid

    Wow just spent a whole day reading this comic from begining to end and its hillarious thanks for the laughs Mike and ill be waiting for the next comic

  3. justinoid

    By this comic i meant from the first comic of cow and buffalo to the last which is this one

  4. Karpolo

    I hope bronto doesn’t run away because then there’d be a new seiries and then i’d be like noooo

  5. Harry

    Hah, Hippo cracks me up. That last panel sure is depressing though.

    I’m midway through downloading ADVENTURES IN SANDWICH MAKING, so there’s a few cents your way. I’ll probably wind up buying a hard copy at some point.. maybe if we ever cross paths at a con, which would be fun.

    Been getting a steady stream of hits via BAD ELVIS thanks to you too. Hope the kids are diggin’ it.

    Keep rockin’, and all that jazz. :)

  6. Andrew

    I feel bronto’s pain… someone in my house skipped buying grocieries for a week, felt like I was a leaf eater in winter time too. Sigh. :)

    Good strip Mike! But probably a bad idea to kill someone off… you always lose fans doing that.

  7. Bruna Brito

    wellrl, I was afraid about the killing stuff, but then I remembered that in the comic world, those who die ALWAYS come back later in a fantastic super saga! so I guess it’s ok to start killing characters…
    as long it’s not Bronto. It would be so very sad.

  8. Andrew

    Brontos are cow and buffalos and hippos too! They deserve food!!! Why does hippo have to be such a pig? ;)