ASH the time traveling kitty: part 1
February 10th, 2008

ASH the time traveling kitty: part 1

i thought it was about time to show what happened to ash at the end of adventures in sandwich making. expect some extra long strips these next few weeks to make sure this story doesn’t last as long as adventures in sandwich making. ;)

i also thought it was about time to finally try out some project wonderful ads on this site (that’s what those buttons under “bread & butter” are all about). bid now while they’re cheap! or rather, not any money at all. the maihack homestead could really use some extra funds this year so this is just a (tiny) start at trying to make that happen. i’ll try to get some new products in the store at some point too. if you have any suggestions on what you might like to see there leave a comment below or shoot me an email.


  1. Andrew

    Aww, the kitty is so cute. ^_^

    One thing that kinda bugs me along with other anamorphic things is the fact that there is a huge, English-speaking hind-legged hippo…talking to a standard small house cat who can only say “meow”, and somehow understands it?

    I know, I know, it’s breaking all the rules that are trampled by other shows, but still, while the cat is cute, it’s really…weird.

    With a script like that though, you can’t honestly go wrong :)

  2. JamesG

    I hope Ash gets home safely

  3. Andrew

    Nice Mike. I like the long strips. I hope your bread and butter stuff makes millions for you!

    So, why does the hippo wear his six-shooter backwards? I always disliked gunslingers who did that… how could it possibly be faster than just pulling it straight up and shooting? Anywho, I would imagined seeing a Cabbie ancestor driving a stage coach. Just my two cents. :)

  4. Harry

    I agree with Andrew, long strips=awesome.

    And I think pulling your gun with the opposite hand is a smidgen faster than pulling it out with say, your right hand on your right side. It’s more fluid, I think – or at least it seems to be as I sit here and practice behind my desk. :)

    I wonder if Old West Cabbie was successful at his bank heist…

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