go with the flow
April 13th, 2008

go with the flow

this week’s title was suggested by none other than my work mate, andrew. and since andrew happens to be an actual character in my comic, i thought it fitting that he also be the one to say his title suggestion within the strip itself. this also means andrew is inadvertently responsible for buffalo’s sudden irrelevance to this current death peach situation and therefore dooming our heroes to spend the rest of their un-lives making sure buffalo’s books don’t tip over. thanks, dude!

for anyone new this week that’s wondering just what is going on with the buckets of ash, the whole ridiculous mess started right HERE.

since all of my characters seem to be dying off these days, now might be the time to create some new ones…


  1. chris

    time to bring on the ninja sponges….

  2. The Gif

    AHHH, it’s ANDREW!!!

    So I was thinking today… .you know what the coolest thing EVER would be?
    A Captain Cow/Batman crossover!

  3. Pyromaniac Zack

    will Andrew eat the death peach, too? or will he accidentally put it into a fruit salad and give it to buffalo…
    Anyway, good job on using a real person as a character.
    hey, why did you not tell us that Andrew was a real person till now?

  4. Pyromaniac Zack

    oops… guess i didn’t read the thing you wrote… my bad

  5. Pyromaniac Zack

    oh, yeah… THANX SO MUCH FOR ANOTHER COMIC!!! Tyler Martin hasn’t made a new one in so long it seems he’s DEAD!!! pleez continue the funniness…

  6. Andrew

    WHOOOOHOOOOO! This is now my most favoritest C&B EVER….EEEEVVVER!!!!!

    I have a solution…. rename everything “Andrew and Buffalo.” Just a thought… sleep on it and let me know.

    Ok, I kid I kid. I Love Cow and would never want to replace him… though I could use more face time. I mean, who couldn’t. While Buffalo reads, the idea to save them will come to him, he just needed to relax so he can think. Now, combine the Smilk and the ashes and VOOOLAA! They are back!

    Haha… let a guy into your comic and name one strip and he tells you where to take it and everything. I guess the old saying “give them an inch and they will take a mile” holds true. :) Great comic Mike!

  7. Keath

    I take the use of our beloved Cabbie as a bookend as nothing less than mockery of the dedicated dedicated Save Cabbie movement.

    Be forewarned Maihack – we’re rapidly raising funds to mount an massive public campaign. Thus far we’ve raised close to $12.67, three chinese restaurant menus, and a used newspaper (missing the comics section unfortunately).

    Our media blitz which will go live once we get approved for the American Express Plum Card, part of the second edition of twenty gazillion.

  8. Karpolo

    wow theres a lot of comments. Anyways, I agree with Pyromaniac Zack above, Tyler Martin hasn’t even given us an update to let us know he’s alive!

    Who will the peach strike next? Will it be Andrew, will it be Buffalo, will it be that goat, or will Ash turn to ashes?

  9. Melissa

    GEEZE! [insert smiling rolling his eyes] If I had a penny for every time Andrew told me “just sayin'” I’d be rich!

    I think the peach should stirke Andrew next ;o)

    I kid, I kid… haha.

    Can’t wait to see who bites the dust next!!

  10. Pyromaniac Zack

    hey, i got a good one. does anyone remember when miss hen dressed as a witch for the halloween edition that was in color? well, if she ate the death peach then andrew and buffalo would be like, ” ding dong the witch is dead!” heh heh heh…