death peach: revelations
August 17th, 2008

death peach: revelations

and that’s a wrap! for reals. click HERE to see see where it all began, or just to reread this whole storyline over again. make sure to look for the lack of clues that lead to this week’s triple-sized, surprise ending! and lets all hope i don’t get sued.

remember, tonight at 7pm EST, i’ll be chatting live at Comic ChatCast. make sure to meet me over there. it’s going to be a chatty good time.

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  1. Keath

    Well, what are we going to talk about now?

  2. Karpolo

    Yay it’s over! Now you can start on a new plot line. Oh, here’s one; Zombie Attack! Or should we save that for Halloween. If cow became a zombie then he’d probably be smarter, you are what you eat.

  3. Ido

    Yay! I was right! (well partially right, it was President Schwarzenegger not Governor Schwarzenegger [thank god for copy-paste :)])

    well, actually I had some future insight from the future vice-president Adam Sandler…

  4. Harry

    Tee-hee, that was kooky! I love the three beats of the death peach at the end.

    Nice Olympic shirt there :P

  5. Andrew

    Love it, I mean that is SOOO what the real future is going to be like.

  6. Karpolo

    new comic tomorrow wow the week went by fast.