a first time for everything
September 7th, 2008

a first time for everything

what’s the first movie you remember seeing in the theater?

honestly- i can’t really answer that question myself- but i DO remember the first pg-13 movie i saw in the theater was the first batman. the tim burton one. and it was awesome.

dark knight however. dark knight is the awesomest.


  1. IonBuck

    my first that I can remember was the third superman movie. :)

  2. Andrew

    I can’t remember my first movie to save my life. I can remember my first date movie was Roadtrip. Haha. Anywho, great strip, but it worries me Cabbie’s first movie was Dark Knight. It just sets the bar too high, I mean, that was a GREAT movie and to expect all movies to be at that caliber is not fair to all other movies, especially if he saw it in IMAX. :) AH, the greatest summer of movies EVER!

  3. jeremythedog

    the first movie i can remember seeing was transformers, way back when. yeah, that may have set the bar a bit high for me, too. poor cabbie. but then we all have that bar now. if spider-man 3 had come out after dark knight, i think sony pictures would’ve been stuck with the bill.

  4. Harry


    I have no clue what my first movie in a movie theater was. I do, however, have (almost) every ticket stub from every movie I’ve seen since the year 2000. The currently tally (again, I’ve lost a few over the years), is 85. I believe the earliest one I have is the original Scary Movie.

  5. Ryan Reveley

    The first movie I saw was Superman II I think. That shows how old I am. By the way, your strip this week was hilarious!

  6. Keath

    Cabbie is awesome. I’m glad he’s back. We need Cabbie merch around this joint.

    First movie I remember seeing in the theaters is Return Of The Jedi, though I’m sure I saw some before that.

  7. matt

    my first movie i saw was Smurfs and the Magic Flute…i know i know!!! then right after that was Yor: Hunter from the future. it also happens to be my greatest movie experience ever. i was 7 sitting in the back row with my cousins in Minnesota, i drank way to much coke and belched the loudest, echoed, reverberant burp ever. It was at the pinnacle of the movie when Yor was swinging in the save the girl…all i remember is everyone tuned around at me and started laughing.


  8. bruna

    I don’t remember my first movie, but I do remeber watching E.T. like 12 times with my father (poor him, et. rocks but 12 is pushing it…). I was very small, but I still see E.T. and love it and cry at the end…
    But Cabbie premiere with Dark Knight is superb. It will stuck in his mind FOR.EVEEEEEER!!!!

  9. Karpolo

    I think it was some pokemon movie but I was like 3 years old so I pretty much slept through the whole thing….

  10. AmblestonDack

    My first ever film was my dad taking me to see Star Wars back in 1978 at our local cinema. I was blown away by the whole film and my dad keeps reminding me that I spent the entire film standing at the edge of the barrier in the circle (up stairs) with my mouth open. He also took me to see Empire Strikes Back as well, which to this day I feel is the best ever of the Star Wars films. I haven’t seen Dark Knight yet, but as batman is played by a welsh guy I should support my fellow country man.

    Love this story ark :)

  11. Angela

    First movie I ever saw in the theater was also E.T. I don’t remember watching it at the time but my folks said I enjoyed it.

    Great job with the comic – lovin’ it!

  12. morgstormhammer

    My first movie in the theaters was…Star Wars: Episode IV. Yup, I saw it the day it came out. I was 7…you do the math. :oþ