even better with butter!
January 11th, 2009

even better with butter!

happy new year everyone! wow time flies. in fact, it was only a year ago that andrew was first introduced to this webcomic. it doesn’t seem like it does it? i think this is only his third or fourth appearance since that fateful day as well.

contrary to what must certainly be common perception, cow & buffalo is not my full-time job. and after christmas and new years, when we all roll back into our daily roles of waking up earlier then we want to, the first day back to work EVERYONE asks what everyone did during the break. it’s like a common courtesy or something. or tradition. like saying “god bless you” after a sneeze. and well, i’d just like to say i did some more exciting things than just make toast. but not that much more exciting, because really- how could you?

there are big things in store for c&b this year! i think it’s going to be their best yet. but we’ll see. at the very least i’ll be sure not to substitute them for myself in the strip for three months. i think i can at least promise you all that. hopefully.


  1. Keath

    For my New Year’s Resolution, I pledge to post more inane and pointless comments in every week’s C&B :)

  2. Karpolo

    What’s the answer to the world’s energy crisis?
    I bet it’s toast! :0

  3. bruna

    Happy New Year Cow and Buffalo!!!!!

  4. Andrew

    HAHA! YES! I LOVE IT!!!!

    Andrew rules!!!! I’m just saying….

    Now the real question is, campanology? The study of bells? Well, that is probably why the rest of the world’s scientific community hasn’t solved the world’s energy crisis, who would guess it would be in the power of bells. I can see it though, sound waves made into energy, makes perfect sense.

    Happy New Year! I think a good resolution would be to put Andrew in more strips. Yep, sounds great!

  5. Scott

    I love toast! Specially with cinnamon and sugar…yummy….damn now I’m hungry for toast.

  6. Andrew Adams

    Lol this comic is hilarious nice mike this is a great start to a new year of cow and buffalo. now thats something that is more exciting than toast

  7. matt

    look at the size of that slice of toast?! he must have used a chainsaw and a giant toaster to make it…my goal as well for this year is to comment weekly on c&b…i think it’s their year to break out to the masses!