September 6th, 2009


man. i’ve been wanting to get torry into a hawaiian shirt ever since i introduced him.

today marks the five year anniversary of putting c&b up weekly on the web (technically it’s actually on it’s sixth year but that first year was pretty sporadic). i know a lot of people say this about their stuff, but i honestly can’t believe i’ve been drawing this comic for that long. even more so i can’t believe people actually READ it! but you guys keeping up with the comic each week, reading this blurb, leaving comments, buying the books- you’re the reason i’ve kept up with this ridiculousness each and every week. so, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. and keep being awesome.


  1. jeremythedog

    happy 5th, mike!

    man, five years and they still haven’t gotten to SPAAAACE! (har har) keep it up, chum, i love this comic.

  2. Kaizar

    Thanks for the awsomeness too @.@

  3. Random

    YAY! Congratulations for five whole years Mike :D! Now, I need to go get a Hawaiian shirt like Torry’s. (Cow has the SPATULA OF DOOM!!! What will Pig do?)

  4. Pyromaniac Zack

    Mike – Cow and Buffalo is not a waste of your time like you might think. It is the website I come to whenever I need a good laugh to cheer me up, so keep up the good work. Also, I agree that the 1st year was not exactly enough to call a year.

    Another thing, have you met Tyler Martin, creator of Wally and Osborne (or just read his webcomics?) I like his webcomic as much as this one except he hasn’t put up any new comics for 1.5 years. In February he said he would start Wally and Osborne back up.

    Random – Pig should whip out a death peach since last time he made one Cow ate it as soon as he saw it.

  5. Keath

    Congrats on the anniversary!

    For some reason I find the second panel hysterical. We never see super heroes going home to get dressed and then trotting back to the scene of action – it’s always superfast change in the phone booth type nonsense. I love how they have such a benign expression, like they’re running errands or something.

  6. Ryan Reveley

    The last five years would not have been the same without those sandwich making heroes!

  7. Qer

    “man. i’ve been wanting to get torry into a hawaiian shirt ever since i introduced him.”

    You, Sir, are a very sick person. Keep it up!

  8. Harry

    C&B is one of the first comics I ever started reading habitually on the web (heck, I’m pretty sure THEE first), and every Sunday, at some point in the day, a little thought always pops into my head that says, “Oh sweet, a new C&B is up!” And more than that, there always *is*. C&B, as well as your other art, has proven to be incredibly inspirational to me these past few years. Keep up the absolutely fantastic work, Mike, I love it.

    Happy 5th!

  9. Andrew

    Happy Anniversary Mike! Thank you for the great years. They could be better if I was in more strips…. I’m just sayin’.

    Oh, and other good news, I think you may have Sept. 6th, 2004, all to yourself! I quick search and I couldn’t find any other worldly events that happened on the same day. Now, on the 7th The Scottish Parliament meets in the new Scottish Parliament Building for the first time and then Hurricane Ivan passed directly over Grenada, but that was a day after C&B.

  10. Jen Maihack

    Yay! 5 whole years!? time does fly by when you are having fun. This whole series is hallarious to me! You crack me up :)

  11. Karpolo

    Is Cow chasing after his with a spatula? Is he going to cook pig? :(

  12. Random

    BACON!!! (lol XD)

  13. Pyromaniac Zack

    Cabbie and Bronto will make them sandwiches with bacon in them for lunch. Except for Pig. He will be absent for some reason.

    Oh wait, they keep stalling and and not rescuing Cabbie and Bronto already! They are probably being made into bacon for the aliens lunches while Buffalo and Torry watch Cow and Pig beat each other up and then Pig getting turned into bacon

  14. mike

    you guys are great! and kinda sick. cow would NOT cook evil pig! why would you even think that? although i do admit bacon has been on my mind this week. and giving c&b some bacon sandwiches would be a fitting end to this absurd storyline… hmmm… mmmmm…. bacoooonnnnn……………..

  15. Andrew Adams

    These comics are truly amazing. I’d way rather read this than most of the comics in the newspaper. Oh and I’d like to repeat Pyromaniac Zack’s question about Tyler martin. Do you know him? If so any Idea why he isn’t making any more posts in his comics. I was a big fan of that comic it was almost as awesome as this one and they just disappeared.

  16. Pyromaniac Zack

    Yeah, this is better than the newspaper because you can comment and it leads to cool discussions about evil villains and bacon.

    Also I feel the same way, Andrew Adams. I have been checking every week for, how long did I say… WHAT!! I have been checking weekly for 1.5 years! That is about 78 checks and still no new stuff! I miss WnO, man those were so funny.

  17. Karpolo

    I miss Wally and Osbourne too.
    He keeps saying “New comics are on their way!”
    But he never makes them. :(

  18. Pyromaniac Zack

    Karpolo – I think he is getting a whole bunch of comics ready so that he can feed them in 1 a week and not have to come up with a new one every Sunday.