you know how it is
September 20th, 2009

you know how it is

today is the five month anniversary of the beginning of this story arc!


  1. Pyromaniac Zack

    Yay for long story arcs!

    And yay for Torry the loyal evil sidekick who gives cookies to the super heroes when they beat Pig up!

  2. Scott

    Cupcakes! HA!

  3. Keath

    Cupcakes are so awesome. You better not be trash talkin’ cupcakes, Maihack! Don’t make me come over there!

  4. Pyromaniac Zack

    Why is cow still holding that pose from the 4th panel into the 5th panel? Is he furious at Pig for ruining Torry’s life?

  5. Andrew

    Haha! Of course anyone who bakes this delicious of a cookie could not truly be evil. MMMmmmmmm….

  6. Random

    Forget space… I’m going with Torry.

  7. mike

    zack- i’ve given up trying to decipher cow’s actions.

    btw, i LOVE cupcakes. mmmMMMM.