All commissions are currently CLOSED.


Check above to see if I am currently taking on commissions. If I get too backed up, I’ll close down requests for a while until I can catch back up. So if commissions are closed, please check back.

NOTE: There are NO re-dos on commissions so if you want something specific, be specific with your request. Since I tend to work in a variety of styles, pointing out examples of my previous work is  always helpful.

Commissions are drawn in the order they are received. Please allow 1-3 months for completion, depending on color and complexity.

Click on on each commission below for further details and payment.

  • Penciled Commission ($50): Drawn  on 9×12 Bristol. (CLOSED)
  • B&W Commission ($100): Drawn and  inked on 11×14 Bristol. (CLOSED)
  • Character Commission  ($100): One to two characters, penciled or inked, on 9×12 bristol. Digitally colored w/ pdf. (CLOSED)
  • Watercolor Commission ($150): Drawn and watercolored on 9×12 watercolor paper. (CLOSED)
  • Digital Commission ($200): Drawn on 11×14 Bristol and colored digitally. Price includes 11×14 print and hi-res digital file of the commission. (CLOSED)
  • B&W Sketch Card ($20): Drawn on 2.5×3.5 trading card sized Bristol. (CLOSED)
  • Color Sketch Card ($30): Drawn and watercolored on 2.5×3.5 trading card sized Bristol. (CLOSED)

*Discount codes do not apply to commissions. If one is used, or is used in conjunction with other products I’ll need to ask you to pay the difference.

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