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Character commissions are currently CLOSED.

Character commissions are drawn on 9×12 100lb Bristol, penciled or inked, and digitally colored. Prices are $100 or $150 for two characters. Price includes the finished drawing plus a hi-res pdf of the final colored piece. No prints will be made by me of your commission* although I retain the right to show it on the web and/or use it in a book collection if that day ever happens.

Write your commission character request in the “special instructions” box during checkout. Other than specific costume choices, no other information is needed. Please do not give me specific actions or poses. Those requests will be ignored. Please DO provide reference if you feel it is needed. You can attach a link or mail them to

I may email if I require additional information. Feel free to do the same if you have any questions.


  • No personal likenesses. Only fictional characters at this time.
  • NO sex or frontal nudity (tasteful nudity is fine though).
  • NO unusual or unnecessary gore.
  • Other than “FRAK”, no four-letter curse words.
  • In other words, try to keep your request PG-13 or below.

I do my best to get to commissions as soon as possible and in the order I receive them in. Hopefully it’s not the case, but due to additional workload, it may take up to 3 months.

Penciled and colored examples (Digital final may alter from original pencils):

Inked and colored examples (Inking is generally 50/50 traditional/digital- sometimes more. Final WILL alter from original inks*):

*Received a question about whether or not you can sell prints of your commissions. The answer is YES, but you also waive your right that I can’t also sell prints of that commission. Although if you are selling prints of a licensed character, I would advise against it.

*Seriously. If this is a concern, go with the penciled option. Here’s an (extreme) example of what I’m talking about.

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