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All nine of the original drawings for my Adventure Time set I drew back in April are now up for bid on eBay. As a set. And with prints of each of them included. Help me spread the word! Or bid on them, which would be even better. :)


Well, my self-imposed Adventure Time fan art month has come and gone, but here is one last piece (for now) as a thanks to all of you for following along. The much demanded Fionna and Cake, who were admittedly the most fun to draw out of this whole series.


Finn and Jake

Rounding out this Adventure Time fan art month with the two heroes of the show, Finn the Human and Jake the Dog! Originally was going to draw them separate like all the others but that made absolutely no sense. The two are inseparable.

I might draw one more of these. Depends if I can squeeze it in this busy weekend ahead of me. I guess you’ll know on Monday.


The Ice King

The Ice King with his best buds.

This Adventure Time fan art month I’ve created for myself is nearing an end. Probably only have time for one, possibly two, more of these. Shouldn’t be too difficult to figure out who’s next!



It’s BMO! Rockin’ out to some 8-bit beats.


Lumpy Space Princess, in a particularly lumpy mood.


Tree Trunks

Adventure Time month continues. :)


Princess Bubblegum

Aaaaand more Adventure Time art! Here’s Princess Bubblegum, seemingly okay about losing her hair.


Flame Princess

More Adventure Time art. Was gonna draw PB next, but after Monday’s ep, I just had to draw Finn’s new crush.



Hey! Some Adventure Time fan art! More to come.


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